Would You Choose To Be Poor?

Can you choose to save or choose to be poor? Who would choose to be poor, right?

That’s exactly what millions of Americans choose every day. Why? Because we tend to want immediate results or immediate gratification. When you want a flat screen TV, you know exactly what you want. Marketing from credit cards and merchants focus on how easy it is to get what you want right now. Instantly.

Instead, adult maturity is supposed to celebrate preparation, steady strategy for long-term success. Maturity is putting off what you want today for plans that will help you in the long-term.

But let’s don’t get confused. This blog is not about retirement money. It is about saving steady and regularly with every paycheck. It is about slow and steady wins the race. This blog celebrates that you can have a plan and you can help your family reduce and eliminate debt and build savings and investment regularly.

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The most important advice you will ever get on saving money and investing is this:


Do it regularly.

Set goals.

Don’t listen to those who say it won’t matter or you can’t do enough.

Focus on the money you save and the money you invest – not simply the money you make.

Believe, as we do, that the money in your checking account is “other people’s money.” Use any excuse to remove dollars to real savings.

Keep your eyes on where you want to be. In other words, find or watch people who have built wealth. Focus on them. As I say, “Get a plan – move ahead.”

The most important truth? YOU CAN DO IT.


You can choose to take specific and steady actions to change your life, change the lives of your children and change the future of your family tree. Yes, you have the power yourself.
All the corporations, the private equity companies, crooked politicians and rich people can’t stop you if you really have a systematic plan that starts with regular savings and steady investment along with your regular bills.

If you are willing to take the time with your family to make a plan for reducing and then eliminating debt over time, you can gain more control over your finances and you can teach your children how to become wealthy over time.

If you are willing to make people work for the money you spend with them, you can build savings and then wealth.

These things are within your reach. You just have to start and you have to be encouraged.

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Thank you for reading our blog and good luck!