The Secret That Can Change The Future Of Your Family

family-homeThis is your chance. A real chance for you. A real chance for your family. Are you ready? If you have not had your own serious savings program, you are standing on the edge of an opportunity that can change the path of your wealth and eventually the path of your children and family line.

Wow. That’s a lot, right? What does it take? You have to have several elements:

You must begin. And you must continue.

You must be committed to regular and steady savings as a percentage of each paycheck you receive (based solely on after-tax income).

You must recognize that time cannot be sped up during this process and that the important factors are: Steady and regular savings with commitment and patience to “stay the course.”

You must include your family members (especially your children who are likely to come up with the best brainstorming ideas about saving more money and reducing debt and/or spending).

If you fear you cannot save money based upon your income and your bills and expenses, you may wish to being 2011 with our “1% Savings Plan.” This can be found in past blog entries or at This is a steadily growing savings plan based upon 1% in the beginning and growing to 20% so that you don’t experience a shock to the system of growing your savings regularly.

It is also recommended that you review your spending every six (6) months to see if there are areas where you can identify savings and reduce spending in the future.

We also recommend you look at your bill paying like a business does and work with those who bill you to reduce the monthly amount. When they reduce your monthly outlay, take the amount you “saved” and push it toward a new monthly savings amount. Save that amount each month as if we didn’t reduce your bill at all. This grows your savings “pie.”

While this is not a get rich quick strategy, it works.

It works.

It will grow your savings. Your family will engage in thinking differently about money and you will see opportunities to save more clearly.

You can do this. When you do, you will feel empowered as a consumer and empowered by the appearance of more options for you and your family.

Please remember that you must start. You must be committed. You must involve all family members.


You can choose to take specific and steady actions to change your life, change the lives of your children and change the future of your family tree. Yes, you have the power yourself.
All the corporations, the private equity companies, crooked politicians and rich people can’t stop you if you really have a systematic plan that starts with regular savings and steady investment along with your regular bills.

If you are willing to take the time with your family to make a plan for reducing and then eliminating debt over time, you can gain more control over your finances and you can teach your children how to become wealthy over time.

If you are willing to make people work for the money you spend with them, you can build savings and then wealth.

These things are within your reach. You just have to start and you have to be encouraged.

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Thank you for reading our blog and good luck!

Loyd Ford

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