The Big Purchase For Your Family This Year

17035820_5885What do you want?

I mean, what thing would you like to purchase if money was no object?

Would it be a car? Would it be a watch? An iPad? Something for your kids?

How about purchasing a secure future?

Can you purchase a secure future for your kids?

It only takes a strategy.

People say all the time that they can’t save money. Several years ago my wife and I bought a glass jar to use for collecting the money we simply find on the ground. If you have followed this blog any length of time, you know we are about to announce what we have actually found on the ground in 2010. Last year it was about $62.00. This year I can tell you that we have beat last year’s total. At the end of every year, we cash in the “jar” and put the money we found in a 12 month CD. We have done this for several years now and are making more and more money from “other people’s money.”


You can save money by focusing only on what you are spending. I’m not even talking about reviewing what you spend (although you should review what you have spent in the last three months and see where you can limit spending in the future to save money). I’m talking about your normal grocery shopping or just purchasing the things you normally purchase.


Consider grocery shopping. Make your normal list out before you go shopping. Then, go to the web. Look for coupon codes on every single ordinary purchase. Source coupons from all potential places you can reference. Keep in mind that you are after “shaving” actual savings off of your spending systematically. Take the money you save with coupons & coupon codes and put that money in savings just as if you had spent it. Do this every time you shop for groceries or anything else.


You can also price check and you should be comparing at least once a year where you purchase your groceries with other shopping “environments.” .Only purchase what you normally purchase.


Get your family involved. Work to identify areas where you can save inside your normal spending. You will be shocked what you can find or who will come up with the best idea for saving the most money.

Rick Warren says, “We overestimate what we can do in a year and underestimate what we can do in ten.” The real point to this is how humans think: We get excited about immediate change, but the truth is that most things of value become valuable over time. Your savings is the same.

Set your system for saving regular and steady money from your paycheck and from your checking account (we believe that a checking account is a leaky instrument; it is a money laundering account for “other people’s money”)! Use any excuse you can to take money from checking and push it to savings.


You should have 15 to 18 months of expenses in real savings (money market savings and certificates of deposit). Why? Because it’s not 1977 anymore. Jobs have changed. Corporations have more power and individuals have less. How long would it take you to replace your income if you lost your job right now? Perhaps longer than you think.

Keep reading this blog and we will help encourage you to get 15 to 18 months of expenses in your own savings faster than you think it’s possible.

It’s not how much you make.

It’s what percentage of your after-tax income you are SAVING and INVESTING that will determine the height of your building wealth.

If you have not started REGULARLY and always saving a percentage of your regular income, check out our “1% Savings Plan” at or at

Get busy and develop your own family plan. You can do this with your own team (family) members. Set goals. Get involved. Educate yourself and your children on the impact you can have over the next ten years – not just next year.

You’ll be SHOCKED what you can accomplish. Begin.

2011 is coming only moments away. Take advantage of this time and get your family engaged in “the great wealth experiment.” Ask them, “What can we do in the next 12 months?” Set the goals together. Brainstorm together. Make it a game. And change the lives of your spouse and children….forever.


You can choose to take specific and steady actions to change your life, change the lives of your children and change the future of your family tree. Yes, you have the power yourself.
All the corporations, the private equity companies, crooked politicians and rich people can’t stop you if you really have a systematic plan that starts with regular savings and steady investment along with your regular bills.

If you are willing to take the time with your family to make a plan for reducing and then eliminating debt over time, you can gain more control over your finances and you can teach your children how to become wealthy over time.

If you are willing to make people work for the money you spend with them, you can build savings and then wealth.

These things are within your reach. You just have to start and you have to be encouraged.

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Thank you for reading our blog and good luck!