Easy To Spend, Easy To Save

What are the ways you can save money?

You can save using coupons or coupon codes FOR THE THINGS YOU NEED. If you use coupons or coupon codes for things you don’t need, you are PARTICIPATING IN MARKETING. So, make your “shopping list” first. Then – always – go look for coupons or especially coupon codes for the things you are going to purchase ANYWAY.

Finally, take the amount of money you SAVE by using the coupons or coupon codes and add it up. Now, take that amount and remove it from your checking account AS IF YOU SPENT IT on the items you purchased. Put that amount in an actual money market savings account. This is a strong way to build in more savings that you think quickly.


If you use a debit card, check with your bank to see if they have a program that rounds up your purchase amounts and puts the “extra” in savings. If they do, enroll. Then, make sure you move the money to a money market savings account where it can earn at least some additional interest.

Be willing and committed to NEGOTIATING for everything as a way of life. Make it a game. Be open-minded. Don’t accept that you “have to purchase X at a specific retailer. This is an open and consumer-driven society. If they won’t negotiate at place Y, go to place X. They can sell you the same thing….often for a little less.

When you save through negotiation, make sure you move the amount you saved from your checking AS IF YOU SPENT IT to purchase the item. Put it in money market savings.

Review your cable bill and your cell phone “package.” Tell them you need to reduce your bill by 12 – 15% (companies do this all the time). Be patient. Tell them you really want to continue to be their customer. Be willing to talk to supervisors. Be nice. Be willing to call back again and again. Take the money you SAVE and put it in ACTUAL MONEY MARKET SAVINGS.

Want more examples? Go to www.boostmywealth.wordpress.com or www.MiddleClassMoney.com.

Remember: If you start to brainstorm with your family about ways to save extra money, YOU WILL FIND EXTRA MONEY TO SAVE. You can do this.


You can choose to take specific and steady actions to change your life, change the lives of your children and change the future of your family tree. Yes, you have the power yourself.
All the corporations, the private equity companies, crooked politicians and rich people can’t stop you if you really have a systematic plan that starts with regular savings and steady investment along with your regular bills.

If you are willing to take the time with your family to make a plan for reducing and then eliminating debt over time, you can gain more control over your finances and you can teach your children how to become wealthy over time.

If you are willing to make people work for the money you spend with them, you can build savings and then wealth.

These things are within your reach. You just have to start and you have to be encouraged.

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Thank you for reading our blog and good luck!